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Endurance Seminars & Clinics

The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization plans to host endurance riding and training clinics, seminars, and webinars throughout the year. These special educational events range from lectures and demonstrations, to mounted rides on trails with experienced endurance riders as mentors.


All are welcome: from wannabees, to newbies, to seasoned veterans.

There is something for everyone.

Clinics and Seminars require pre-registration.

If you have ideas of topics you would like us to present,

send a note to Clinic Registration.

Karen Wade's Endurance Riding 101 Clinic.png

Dr. Lani Newcomb at an Endurance Riding 101 Clinic explains vetting during a ride

Karen Wade's Endurance Riding 101 Clinic Bob Walsh on crewing.png

Bob Walsh talks about Crewing

Karen Wade's Endurance Riding 101 Clinic Diane Connolly on Tack.png

Diane Connolly talks about Tack

2023 ODEEO Clinics and Seminars

2023's Upcoming Webinars, Clinics, and Seminars

January 17th - How to maximize the off season

  • Review/evaluate the past season

  • Look at the ride calendar/make you plan

  • Trail maintenance - good for you and good for your future training program

  • Track - examine, evaluate, repair, replace

  • Truck/trailer - basic maintenance

  • Veterinary "stuff"

  • Camping/crewing supplies - examine, evaluate, repair, replace

  • Clothing

  • Rider - taking a good look in the mirror

  • Horse - how to take a break without ignoring your friend

February 11th - In-Person Drag Rider Clinic @ TriCounty Feeds in Marshall, VA

  • Learn the Ins and Outs of Drag Riding

  • With a special TLAR presentation by Chief Doug Monaco from the Little Fork Volunteer Fire Department (assuming he is not out on a call)

February 21st - An OD experience for everyone!

  • What OD offers at each event (drag, intro, 25/50/100, volunteer opportunities)

  • How to choose which one to enter

  • How to get ready

  • Team competition - how to get on a team, how to use that to motivate you

March 21st - Packing like a pro (AKA - how to get 10 lbs of sh*t into a 5 lb bag)

  • Trailer, saddle bags, crew bags, crew truck, emergency kit, etc.

  • How to pack for each distance/OD event

  • Packing for crew vs no crew

May 16th - Breaking down the loops of the OD events

  • Discuss how the loop system of the June ride works

  • Detailed discussion of each loop/vet check

  • Review statistics/ride times from previous years

August 12th - In-Person Endurance 101 Clinic @ Covered Bridge Farm

  • Time TBD

  • Check back later for more information

2023 ODEEO Clinic and Seminar

ODEEO YT thumbnails 2.JPG
ODEEO YT thumbnails 2.JPG

An OD Experience for Everyone

Packing Like A Pro (AKA - how to get 10 lbs of stuff into a 5 lb bag)

Drag Rider Clinic

Little Fork Volunteer Fire & Rescue - Large Animal Rescue Team

2022 ODEEO Clinics and Seminars

ODEEO YT thumbnails.JPG
ODEEO YT thumbnails.JPG
ODEEO YT thumbnails.JPG
ODEEO YT thumbnails.JPG
ODEEO YT thumbnails.JPG

But Mountains are Hard!

When Sh!t Goes Wrong

Successful Preparation for the OD 100

When Sh!t Goes Right

Your Questions About

The Old Dominion

2021 ODEEO Clinic and Seminar

ODEEO Endurance 101

The Art of Crewing

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