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ODEEO Historical Landmarks

  The ODEEO Book of Groupwide Records  

This "book" of groupwide records is a place to mark the outstanding achievements of the Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization and its members! This list is a work in progress and will be updated over time, so feel free to occasionally check back!

2023, June 10 - Nancy Sluys and Danny were the first ever rider/mule team to complete the Old Dominion 100-mile ride on the Orkney Springs course! 

2023, June 9-10 - Our youngest ever to complete the Old Dominion 100-mile ride was 8 years old!

2021 & 2023 - Janice Heltibridle and Ellen Hart on Rush Creek Bobby completed the Old Dominion 100-mile Ride & Tie!

As of 2023 - Henry Muhlbauer has been "timing" for the Old Dominion for 47 years!

As of 2021 - Bob Walsh was inducted into AERC's Century Club Hall of Fame

(the Century Club is when a rider-equine team's age totals 100 or more years.)

As of 2012 - Bob Walsh is our oldest member ever to complete the Old Dominion 100-mile ride at 70 years old!


ODEEO Historical Photo Hall

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