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Weekly Trivia

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The Old Dominion Endurance Ride TURNS 50!! 

Help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the OD.

Every week until the June ride (Tuesday Tidbits), we will post a trivia question regarding

the Old Dominion ride on our Facebook page and through our Membership emails!

Questions posted every Tuesday -- Answers will be posted each Friday!

Test your knowledge and post your answers on our Facebook page!

Give it a whirl - and help us celebrate the 50th running of the Beast of the East!

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Help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Old Dominion!


In honor of our upcoming anniversary,

we will be offering Anniversary buckles both online and at our June ride!

You can find out more and how to order here! 

Question 1

January 2nd

In the 50 years the Old Dominion ride has been held, it has had more than one base camp.

Can you name them?

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Question 2

January 10th

What National Forest hosts the majority of the OD trails?

For extra points, how many miles are in the said NF, within 2 miles? 

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Question 3

January 16th

Does anyone recognize the vets in this photo?

Which ones are familiar faces at the OD rides these days?

We'd love to hear your great vet stories!

Bonus: Do you know what year this photo was taken?


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Question 4

January 23rd

Can you name the away vet checks / holds on the current OD ride?

Which one is your favorite, and why? What do you remember about them?


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Question 5

January 30th

In the last 25 years, at least 9 juniors have completed the OD 100 a total of 16 times.

How many can you name?

What are they doing now?

Any juniors planning to start this year?

Any good stories about OD kids?

How about further back than the year 1998?.

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Question 6

February 6th

Did you know that the Old Dominion awards a special 1,000 mile Silver buckle for those that complete the OD 100 10 or more times!

Can you name 3 of the 7 double digit finishers (10 or more completions) of the OD 100?

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Question 7

February 13th

The Old Dominion offers the opportunity to earn a Triple Crown award for those who compete in ANY distance at ALL THREE of the OD sponsored rides ON THE SAME HORSE. 

The more miles you ride, the more points you earn. 

Can you name anyone who has completed the OD Triple Crown, no matter the distance? 

For bonus points: Do you know someone who has "maxed out" the miles?

No Frills 50, Old Dominion 100, and Fort Valley 150 (from '97 - '01)

or Fort Valley 100 (from '92 to present).

Here are your clues - It hasn't happened in a couple years, ONLY 18 riders have maxed out their possible points in the last 26 years, and many of these riders are still around and everyone knows who they are.

One rider has even done it twice!

And the Triple Crown Queen WITH THE MOST MILES, is still at every ride!

Who is this superwoman??? (And she is a superwoman!)

We would love to hear your Triple Crown stories and your Triple Crown goals!!

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Question 8

February 20th

Let's talk about OD families!

Endurance is a sport for all ages and we know that many families have had more than one member step to the starting line of an OD event. Can you name some that compete together?


Bonus questions; What families/couples have done multiple OD 100s? Can you name them???

What father and daughter have 7 100s between them?

What husband, wife, and daughter have 19 100s between them?

What husband and wife has 21 100s between them?

What 2 sisters have 23 100s between them?

There are a lot out there, and we want to hear some names, and better yet, stories, whether it's your family or someone else's. Was it a mom/dad, brother/sister, son, daughter, grandparent, grandchild, spouse/partner? If you started together, did you stick together for the entire ride? What distance? Are you all still riding/competing?

Bonus question; What families/couples have done multiple OD 100s? Can you name them???

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Question 9

February 27th

The OD takes you through miles of gorgeous landscape. 

Across those miles are all sorts of flora and fauna, views and sights.  

Which TWO of these will you NOT see on the OD June rides: lightning, scarlet tanagers, hail, snow, a ski resort, Mountain Laurel, North Mountain, Jack in the Pulpit, king cobras, bears, Wilson Cove, or box turtles?”

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Question 10

March 5th

Did you know we have a Cavalry Division and Award for the OD 100? What is Cavalry you ask........

A person riding in Cavalry has to do the whole ride without help from anyone.

They must carry everything they need on their saddle/person or find it in nature along the trail.

EXCEPTION: At each vet check OD provide the rider with 4 bottles of water and a bucket for horse water, which riders can get from the troughs.

If need be, a rider can drop out of the Cavalry division and still continue in the ride.

Do you know who created the Cavalry Division?

Do you know when it was 1st offered?

Can you name some riders who have done the OD 100 Cavalry style?

Can you name some riders who have won the OD 100 while

competing in the Cavalry Division?

Who is considering doing the OD 100 Cavalry this year?

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Question 11

March 12th

How many times has the OD hosted the National Championship?

What years did the OD host the National Championship and from what locations?

The Old Dominion also hosted the World Championship.

Can you name the year and location of the World Championship?

Bonus question: Can you name the winners of each National Championship

and the winner of the World Championship?

What do you remember about the National Championships we hosted

or the World Championship? Personal stories?????

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Question 12

March 19th

Lets brag more on our horses, past and present! It doesn't matter if they finished first or last,

it doesn't matter if they finished 1 OD 100, or 10 OD 100s. We'll even let you slip in a 50 miler OD! You must have an OD story about you and your horse, good, bad, or ugly.

Lets hear them!!! What is your favorite memory of the OD 100? What makes you keep coming back to the OD?

Click the comments button of the below post to read everyone's awesome contributions!

Question 13

March 26th

Does anyone remember the Old Dominion News, the 20+ page (yes, they were 20 - 30 pages long!) newsletter that went out back in the late 1990s and the early 2000s? It was a great forum for people to submit stories, learn about the endurance & the OD, sell 'stuff', find ride entry forms, and recruit volunteers. There were GREAT stories in there, back before FB. We'll send out a blurb every day, and then we want to hear your stories and comments.

We'll start out with a doozie! Our mentor and tireless and indominable OD member, Matthew Mackay-Smith, and 3 of his stories;

1) Night Riding, 2) Dress for Success, and 3) a good Trail Master report.

We will also hopefully get these OD News letters onto the ODEEO website.

Mary Coleman has shared another article she wrote for the OD newsletter back in the 1990s.

Click Images to Enlarge

Check out a few other articles we have archived on our

ODEEO Historical Landmarks page!

Question 14

April 2nd

Whoops, Skip a Week! ​


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Question 15

April 9th

This weeks question has been inspired by Nancy Sluys comment to our week 12 question.

In her comment she shared that the OD was 4 of her horse's first 100.

So here is our question: Who has done the OD 100 AS YOUR FIRST 100 and successfully completed it? Who has used the OD for THEIR HORSE'S first 100? Why did you pick the OD 100 to be yours or your horses first 100? Please share your story and what made it special.

Click the comments button of the below post to read everyone's awesome contributions!

Question 16

April 16th

What family can claim at least 6 OD wins, plus a silver medal in the World Championship

in 1988 when it was held on the OD course?

Any personal stories about riding with one of them during the OD 100?

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