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Previous Asgard Arabian Raffle Horses

asgard arabians.png

The ODEEO extends a very deep and appreciative thank you to Halldis and Tom Sayvetz for all they've done for the Old Dominion these 25 years!

    The OD organization extends a very deep and appreciative thank you to Halldis and Tom Sayvetz of Asgard Arabians who donated one of their purebred Arabian horses every year from 1998 to 2023 to the Old Dominion organization as a fundraising raffle horse. Many of those raffle horses have gone on to have fabulous endurance careers with outstanding placings in AERC endurance rides.

    Asgard Arabians offers outstanding horses for sale for endurance, show, and sporting disciplines. Several of Asgard horses are competing at the top endurance rides in the U.S. and abroad, and also at the highest level of international FEI.

Asgard Arabians is located in Sinks Grove, WV 24976.

Telephone (304) 645-1670 to schedule an appointment.

If information on this page is incorrect or you have any information we're missing,

please let us know through our Contact form.

2023 Raffle Horse.jpg

2023 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Tammbour
2021 g
elding - Degage (Stratagem) x Tamborin (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Stagg Newman

TEMP 2022-Entrust.JPG

2022 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Entrust
2019 Gelding - Stratagem x Enshantee (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Crystal Lindaberry


2021 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Scincere
2020 Gelding - Stratagem x Scinntillante (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Shawn Davison


2020 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Trousseau
2017 Filly - Stratagem x Tressor (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Rhonda Tuley


2019 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Truuthful
2015 Filly - Syndicat (Bandjo de Falgas × BHR Tamersyn by *Tamerlan) x Truuly (Stratagem × Trojkaa by *Moment)

Winner: Dave Franklin


2018 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Tamburitza
2015 Filly - Stratagem x Tamborin (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Bob Heltibridle


2017 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Towards
2014 Gelding - Stratagem x Toujjours (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Sara Mansfield

2016 Raffle Horse.jpg

2016 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Scinntilla
2013 Filly - Stratagem x Scinntillante (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Virginia and Tracy Ingram


2015 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Prowessa
2010 Filly - Savoir Fare x Pidruga (Drug)

Winner: Meryl Hart


2014 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Kaptivant CS
2009 Gelding - Kador de Blaziet x Enshantee (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Hillorie Bacmann

2013 Kestrel CS.jpg

2013 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Kestrel CS
2010 Gelding
- Kador de Blaziet x Enshantee (Bandjo de Falgas)

Winner: Pete Godwin

Nordisk 2012.bmp

2012 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Nordisk
2008 Gelding - Stratagem x Norlysa (*Namet)

Winner: Larry and Chris McCarthy


2011 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Escandalo

2008 Gelding - Syndicat x Essential by Momentus MG

Winner: Daryl Downs


2010 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Preferree
2007 Filly - Pereztroyka (*Princip) by the French-Russian stallion Bandjo de Falgas

Winner: Karen Wickens


2009 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Provvenance
2006 Filly -- Pereztroyka (*Princip) by the French-Russian stallion Bandjo de Falgas

Winner: Betty DeMar Mueller

Raffle Horse 2008.JPG

2008 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Symetrie
2005 Filly - Statistic’s daughter Symmetrika by the French-Russian stallion Bandjo de Falgas

Winner: Tom Hutchinson

Raffle Horse 2007.jpg

2007 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Legalas
2005 Gelding - Momentus MG out of BHR Lanna (*Tamerlan)

Winner: Lisa Green


2006 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Synuous
2004 Gelding - Momentus MG x Synbolika (*Statistic)

Winner: Frances Ligler

AsgardArabianRaffleHorse NoImage.png

2005 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Futurystic
2002 Gelding - *Statistic X Fyrstinna (Moment)

Winner: Donald Drenning

Elektronic - Owner Photo 3.jpg

2004 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Elektronic
2000 Gelding - *Statistic x Elskova (Moment)

Winner: Paula Brown

(Photograph kindly given by Owner - not original raffle photo)

AsgardArabianRaffleHorse NoImage.png

2003 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Mozzaic
2000 Gelding - *Statistic x Muscalight (*Muscat)

Winner: Kim Neville

2002 Trafic_edited.png

2002 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Trafic
1998 Gelding - *Statistic x Trojkaa (Moment)

Winner: Paula Brown

2001 Energetic.gif

2001 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Energetic
Gelding -- *Statisitc x Evinneliga

Winner: --

AsgardArabianRaffleHorse NoImage.png

2000 ODEEO Raffle Horse

Winner: --

1999 Logistic.gif

1999 ODEEO Raffle Horse - Logistic
1996 Gelding - *Statistic x BHR Lanna (*Tamerlan)

Winner: Jeff Crandell

AsgardArabianRaffleHorse NoImage.png

1998 ODEEO Raffle Horse

Winner: --

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