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Old Dominion Endurance Mentoring Program

The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization will be a hosting a six month mentoring program to prepare you for the June 2024 Old Dominion Ride!


ODEMP Events

January 12th - Mentoring Program Zoom Meeting

February 10th - Mentoring Program Training Ride

February 24th - Mentoring Program Training Ride (Rain Date)

March 23rd - Mentoring Program Training Ride

March 30th Mentoring Program Training Ride (Rain Date)

April 18th - Mentoring Program No Frills Group Meeting

May 10th Mentoring Program Zoom Meeting

June 6th - Mentoring Program Old Dominion Group Meeting

The $350 entrance fee will include:

  • Six months of training and support for the June 2024 Old Dominion Ride

    • This will include in-person AND online zoom education events​

  • Paid entry fee into any distance at the June 2024 Old Dominion Ride

  • ODEMP Custom Shirt

  • Ride Organization Packet

  • Click on the "Register Here" link above and fill in all the requested information. 

  • You can pay the entrance fee either through Paypal or through mailed-in check

  • Be sure to download and fill in the OD Waiver form supplied

  • Once you've submitted your application, be sure to email to

    • Proof of payment

    • Current negative coggins

    • and Filled-in OD Waiver Form

To Pay by PayPal

  • click on the below PayPal button, which should take you to a screen that shows the ODEEO logo

  • click on the “Send” button

  • log into your PayPal account

  • fill in the amount of entrance fee ($350)

  • fill in the “What’s this payment for?” box with “Mentoring Program - Your Name”,

  • click ”Continue”

  • follow PayPal’s directions from there

Once you have paid your fee, save a copy of your receipt onto your computer.  Then open a new email, address it to, attach your PayPal receipt, current negative coggins, and filled-in OD waiver form, and send. 

To Pay By Check – Open a new email, address it to, attach your current negative coggins, filled-in OD waiver form, mention you have sent payment by check, and send. 

If you have any questions about the mentoring program and form,

please contact Teri Carroll.

Thank you!

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